Goliath online - New Unit


After some development finally i get it, Goliath is a Mech that can shoot missiles and damage enemies.

Original image from Starcraft Blizzard Entertainment

But that image is from an RTS, what about if now you can get into one Goliath and shoot everywhere! That is one of the reasons to make this game in First Person. 

Turrets are pretty good defending, but sometimes enemies are too fast so you need something that doesn’t stay on the ground.  Goliath can walk everywhere you want , faster than your Space Construction Vehicle and can shoot 1 missile every 0.5 seconds.

Now get into it!

Probably i should make a video to explain this, anyway this is a very good progress because now the game-motor is available to create this kind of units. So probably the next update will be the Hydralisk that have a similar behavior to Goliath.

As you remember in Starcraft Turret Defense this unit has a cost of 3 Civs, so in this game too. And 2 minerals have a cost of 1 Civ, and a Turret cost 1 mineral.

Thanks for your time, i will be updating as fast as i can. :)

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